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Rural Electrification

Rural electrification is the simplest way to guarantee electricity to people living in rural areas. Solar Energy is modern technology that could light up your home today. It is quiet, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and free! By installing a solar system, you help save the enviroment.


This picture shows Young people in the village mounted the very first panel on this project under the guidance of Grand-Pierre


This homeowner for the first time in 46 years is able to plug her refrigerator, conserve food for many days and enjoy electricity provided by PhotoVoltaics

Here Project Manager Grand Pierre at left explaining to the villagers what is solar energy? what they can do with it, what they can gain from the sun? Rural electrification is best accomplished with photovoltaics. He wishes in the near future every house in the village can have electricity to power lights, radio and television.


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